Lollar Vintage Blonde®

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Please select the options you need. You can choose the color of the cover, the poles configuration and the position of the pickup. You can also choose a complete set.

For more information about the difference between Flat Pole & Staggered Pole pickups, please click here.

Position / Poles
Cover Color

Our Lollar Vintage Blonde® Stratocaster-style pickups are bright yet smooth. With a scooped midrange, full bass, and clean attack the medium low output sounds glassy and spanky. When played softly you get a full, round tone. Hit it hard and the attack and treble leap forward in the mix. The Lollar Vintage Blonde® works especially well with overdrives. Features Alnico 2 flat poles, scattered wound wax potted coils, and vintage style cloth covered lead wire. Middle is RWRP for humbucking operation in positions 2 and 4.

DC: Neck 5.6K / Middle 5.8K / Bridge 6K

Special Blonde Set:
This is one of our most popular Strat sets. It includes our Vintage Blonde® Strat pickups for neck and middle positions, with our Special S Series® pickup for the bridge.

DC: Blonde Neck 5.6K / Blonde Middle 5.8K / Special S Bridge 7.6K

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