We will build a guitar that will not be built in series, but it will be a unique guitar, exclusively built for you. This means that we together will choose every single aspect, part and material to be used on your guitar. We will need to talk about your requirements and needs, until every spec of your guitar is decided. We will talk about wood, pickups, electronics, tuners, fretboard radius, fret size, neck shape and many other aspects. It is all about sharing your ideas with us but also listen to our advices.


Every order starts with you contacting us. You can contact us via contact form, social media at Instagram or Facebook, or you can even text us via Whatsapp. If you are around, you can also visit our shop any time.


Once the design of your guitar is ready, we can calculate and let you know the cost of your project and you can move on to the first payment. There will be 3 payments of 33% each, first to start the project, second when the guitar neck and body are ready and third when your guitar is finished and ready for delivering.


Once we receive your first payment, we will get all the materials and parts required to build your guitar and we will start to build your guitar. The building process takes around 4 to 8 months and it can vary depending on many different aspects such as the finish or any custom detail. Basically, the process has 3 parts:


During the building process, we get all the wood ready and we shape it until we have a guitar neck and body. Now everything is ready for the finishing process.


Once the guitar is ready, we finish it to protect it and boost the natural beauty of the wood. This is when the guitar really comes into life. Once finished, we leave it to cure. This process takes 2-4 wekks depending on different aspects such as weather conditions, wood species, etc.


Once the finishing is fully cured, polished and ready, we will install all the parts and setup your guitar up to your needs. Now, you can finally pick it up and rock out!