Lollar El Dorado

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The only humbucker pickup that gives you a true single pickup tone when split.

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The El Dorado Humbucker was voiced and designed with versatility in mind. How do we blend all the elements that we like in vintage F- and G-style pickups into one pickup so it also works well with every amp and style of music? And how do we make a humbucker that sounds like a good traditional single-coil pickup when split? Our answer is the El Dorado Humbucker which strikes a perfect balance between humbucker, and split single-coil tones.

The El Dorado humbucker has a pronounced midrange with good upper harmonic balance and clarity. With its magnetic poles placed vertically, it also offers more dynamic punch than moderate- to high-output PAF-style humbuckers. The sound is organic, with a more apparent midrange note than Strat- or Tele-style single-coils produce. When played through a high-gain amp the midrange barks and sits perfectly where aggression needs to land. All without the fizzy or harsh top end other moderate- to high-output humbuckers can have. Dynamics punch through, feeling percussive and clear and cleans sound rooted in a balanced and natural frequency response. The right amount of top-end overtones, and the right amount of body. Typically, the split sound on a humbucker is always a compromise. It is never quite the same as a full-sized P-90 or Strat single-coil. The El Dorado humbucker does not suffer from the same shortcomings that PAF-style humbuckers do and offers a true single-coil sound when split. You get glassy and clear sounds like a Strat or Tele, even when you play this pickup in a heavy Les Paul-style guitar. The El Dorado humbucker offers maximum versality so you can truly play one guitar on stage and get a wide range of sounds.

DC (Average): Neck 9.0K / Bridge 10.4K

Humbucker Mode Specs:

Lollar Humbucker El Dorado

Split-coil Mode Specs:

Lollar Humbucker El Dorado

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