We at Santos Guitars have strong ideas and values which are very important to us, because we believe they make us different from other guitar builders and they also are some of the main reasons why we love this amazing trade. So, though it is all about building a guitar that meets your taste and needs, it is important for you to know that not everything is possible.

First of all, we believe in quality, so we will never design nor deliver a guitar that does not meet our basic principles and quality criteria. For instance, there are important reasons for our headstock design to be as it is. There are many different headstock designs in the market but, though some may look really attractive, some of those designs are obsolete and harmful in terms of entonation, strength and many other aspects. All in all, we want to build a guitar with and for you, but because we want to offer you the best, there are some aspects we cannot sacrifice.

On the other hand, we want to do our part to protect the environment, that is why we do not use certain wood species which might be in danger or if using them might have a direct or indirect impact on the environment. That is the reason why we only get wood from certain providers who also believe in preservation, repopulation, sustainability and proximity.

Besides, we only use water-based and oil-based colors and finishing products and we totally avoid the use of very harmful industrial products such as polyurethane or nitrocellulose, not only for environmental reason but also because we believe natural products do a better job in terms of enhancing the beauty of the wood and they offer a short-term and long-term experience, not only for the guitar but also for the player. We also try our best to reduce and avoid the use of plastics, although that is still a difficult matter for us to meet one hundred percent, but we are currently working to reach our goal.

All in all, we trully love wood and we want it to be the main star of our designs. And that passion leads us to protecting it and its environment.



We at Santos Guitars only use ebony from our dear friends at Madinter and Crelicam, not only for our fretboards but also for some other parts such as headstocks or pickguards. Also, we share their commitment with forestry and, being our main wood provider, they guarantee legality, respect and sustainable exploitation of the natural resources.

Madinter’s ebony comes from Crelicam, their factory in Cameroon, which they manage together with their partner in the project, Taylor Guitars. Since they acquired the company in 2011, they have made a lot of progress to ensure the ebony they supply to the music industry is a source of wealth for the African country. Their goal is not only to supply guitar, violin and other instrument manufacturers with high-quality ebony. At the same time, their product must have a positive impact, both on the sustainable use of natural resources, and on the quality of life of their employees and their communities. Their  ebony has created a new standard in the forest economy of Cameroon, with a business model based on sustainable development and creation of added value in the country of origin, source of wealth for its inhabitants.

If you want to know more about their project, please visit their website here: