Mysteries of a Jazzmaster

Mysteries of a Jazzmaster

Jazzmaster style guitars tend to have a lot of bridge-related problems and a somewhat poor design of the guitar itself. The problems are usually tuning and entonation, fret buzz alike noises and strings that come off the saddles when played with certain force. All these problems have the same reasons and they come, as we said, from the bridge but above all from how the guitar is designed and built.

To solve all these issues, the first thing you need to understand is that these guitars have a very flat angle between the tailpiece and the bridge, which causes the strings not to exert enough downward pressure on the saddles. This lack of pressure causes the strings to be too loose on the saddles, which causes the buzz noises, intonation problems and the strings to pop out the saddles. Luckily, there is a part that helps us increase the angle of the strings from the tailpiece to the bridge and thus will increase the downward pressure of the strings and solve all the problems.

The "Buzz Stop Bar" or "Buzz Stop Roller" is just that, a bar to stop buzz. It is very easy to install, it integrates very well with the aesthetics of the guitar and it is relatively cheap, you can find it for about € 35-40. If you want to more about this matter and learn how to install it, you can watch episode 8 of our Youtube series "On The Bench", in which we explain all the details. If you have a Jazzmaster style guitar that is causing you problems, go ahead and fix them yourself!

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