Guitar Setup Course
  • Guitar Setup Course

Setup Course - 8h

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Learn how to do all the setup and maintenance of your guitar and take it to the next level in perfect shape and always exactly like you like. You will learn how to restring and clean and oil the fretboard but also more difficult aspects such as fret polishing, bridge radius, action, entonation, neck relief and more. If you are a handyman and you love guitars, this is your chance to learn how to do it yourself. Also, we will work together with your own guitar, so you will take it back home in perfect shape and a new set of strings is included!


You have a total period of 30 calendar days to take your classes from the they you book the course.
We will together schedule the days and times for the classes.

The course is made up of 8 hours, divided in 2 different options as follows:

- 2 classes 4 hours each

- 4 classes 2 hours each


- Cleaning
- Electronics cleaning
- Restringing (a set of strings is included)
- String action
- Entonation (nut and bridge)
- Bridge radius
- Neck relief (truss rod)
- Pickup's height
- Fret polishing

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